School of Kinesiology and Health Science

Fall/Winter 2015/2016 Enrolment
Kinesiology and Health Science major students have priority enrolment to all KINE and PKIN courses until July 14th, 2015. Starting July 15th, 2015 all KINE and PKIN courses will open to non Kinesiology and Health Science majors provided that: there is adequate space in the course and that the student meets the Honours Standing Progression Requirement. Click here for more details about the Honours Standing Progression Requirement.
IMPORTANT – PKIN Enrolment Notification – F15
Due to a delay in having access to the Track and Field Centre and the Tennis courts caused by clean up from the Pan Am games, we have TEMPORARILY placed a hold on enrolling in PKINs 0600, 0435 and 0460 until we get official confirmation that the facilities will in fact be ready on the promised date of September 15.At this time we do not expect any issues and hope to open up enrolments before the end of June. As many of you may remember we had issues last fall regarding PKINs 0460 and 0600 and we do not want to repeat that occurrence.

Please do not contact the KINE undergraduate office regarding other options, as there is no need to make other arrangements at this time. If the need for that arises then we will address such issues.

Message sent on behalf of Dr. Michael Connor, Undergraduate Program Director, School of Kinesiology and Health Science
Dear Kinesiology & Health Science Students,

There is an ongoing issue that some of you are experiencing when trying to register for courses for the upcoming 2015-2016 year that is linked to the Registrar’s Office system. We are aware of the issue and have been in contact with the Registrar’s Office to try to find a fix to the problem.

If you are having issues enrolling then know that we are on top of the problem at the moment. So please hold off on calling the Undergraduate Office as there is little we can do at this immediate time. Manual enrolment is not an option at this time as there are not enough staff members in the office to do this. If you feel the issue is extremely urgent please direct your enquiries to the Undergraduate Office via e-mail at Please ensure you include your full name and student number in your email, along with the courses you are contacting us in regard to.

While there feels like urgency on your end, know that there are plenty of spaces available in courses and the situation is not as dire as it seems. As soon as we hear any updates we will make everyone aware. If we haven’t heard anything by Monday June 29 I will send out another e-mail update.

Dr. Connor

Kinesiology and Health Science is the study of human movement and the relationship between physical activity and health. This exciting and innovative program at York University provides students the opportunity to pursue many sub-fields including physiology, anatomy, health, sport administration, health psychology, and athletic therapy in preparation for a career in health and rehabilitation, fitness, recreation, sports industries, research, or teaching.

Our Vision:
Canada’s leading academic centre for knowledge creation, integration, and dissemination about physical activity and its importance for human health, health science and society.

In achieving this vision we will be known for: Innovative research, inspiring students through excellence in teaching, and leadership on the health implications of physical activity and inactivity.

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