Lyndsay Hayhurst

Assistant Professor

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Norman Bethune College - BC
Keele Campus

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Faculty of Health - School of Kinesiology & Health Science


Ph.D. (Kinesiology and Physical Education, socio-cultural studies) -
University of Toronto
Toronto, Canada

MA (Human Kinetics, socio-cultural) -
University of British Columbia
Vancouver, Canada

BAH (Sociology and Global Development Studies) -
Queen's University
Kingston, Canada


Lyndsay Hayhurst is an Assistant Professor in the School of Kinesiology and Health Science at York University in Toronto, Canada. Her research interests include sport for development and peace (SDP); gender-based violence and sexual and reproductive health in/through SDP; SDP in Indigenous communities; Indigenous peoples involvement in physical activity; cultural studies of girlhood; postcolonial feminist theory; global governance; international relations and corporate social responsibility. She is a co-editor (with Tess Kay and Megan Chawansky) of Beyond Sport for Development and Peace: Transnational perspectives on theory, policy and practice, and her publications have appeared in Women’s Studies International Forum; Gender, Place & Culture; Third World Quarterly and Sociology of Sport Journal. She has previously worked for the United Nations Development Programme and Right to Play. In 2017, she was the recipient of the North American Society for the Sociology of Sport's  Early Career Researcher Award.


Selected Publications

Articles Published in Refereed Journals 

Hayhurst, L.M.C., Sundstrom, L. & Arksey, E. (In press). Navigating Norms: Charting Gender-Based Violence Prevention and Sexual Health Rights through Global-Local Sport for Development and Peace Relations in Nicaragua. Sociology of Sport Journal.

Thorpe, H., Hayhurst, L.M.C. & Chawansky, M. (In press). ‘Once my relatives see me on social media it will be very bad’: The Ethics of Organizational Representations of Sporting Girls from the Global South. Sociology of Sport Journal.

Gardham, K., Giles, A. & Hayhurst, L.M.C. (In press). Sport for Development for Aboriginal Youth in Canada: A Scoping Review. Journal of Sport for Development.

Hayhurst, L.M.C. (2017). Image-ining Resistance: Using Postcolonial Feminist Participatory Action Research and Visual Research Methods in Sport for Development and Peace. Third World Thematics, 2(1), 117-140.

Gardham, K., Giles, A. & Hayhurst, L.M.C. (2017). Understanding the privatization of funding for sport for development in the Northwest Territories: A Foucauldian analysis. International Journal of Sport Policy and Politics. doi: 10.1080/19406940.2017.1310742.

Hayhurst, L.M.C. & Szto, C. (2016). Corporatizating activism through sport-focused social justice?: Investigating Nike’s Corporate Responsibility initiatives in Sport for Development and Peace.  Journal of Sport & Social Issues.

Darnell, S.C., Chawansky, M., Marchessault, D., Holmes, M. and Hayhurst, L.M.C. (2016). The State of Play: Critical sociological insights into recent 'Sport for Development and Peace' research. International Review for the Sociology of Sport. doi:10.1177/1012690216646762

Hayhurst, L.M.C., Giles, A.R. & Wright, J. (2016). Biopedagogies and Indigenous Knowledge: Examining Sport for Development and Peace (SDP) for Indigenous Young Women in Canada and Australia. Sport, Education & Society. doi: 10.1080/13573322.2015.1110132.

Hayhurst, L.M.C. (2016). Sport for Development and Peace: A Call for Transnational, Multi-Sited, Postcolonial Feminist Research. Qualitative Research in Sport, Exercise & Health. doi: 10.1080/2159676X.2015.1056824.

Hayhurst, L.M.C., Giles, A.R., Radforth, W. & The Vancouver Aboriginal Friendship Centre Society (2015). “I want to come here to prove them wrong”: Using a Postcolonial Feminist Participatory Action Research (PFPAR) approach to studying Sport, Gender and Development programs for urban Indigenous young women. Sport in Society. doi: 10.1080/17430437.2014.997585.

Hayhurst, L.M.C., MacNeill, M., Kidd, B. & Knoppers, A. (2014). Gender-based violence and Sport for Development and Peace: Questions, concerns and cautions emerging from Uganda. Women’s Studies International Forum, 47, 157-167.

Hayhurst, L.M.C. (2014). The Girl Effect and martial arts: Exploring social entrepreneurship and Sport, Gender and Development in Uganda. Gender, Place & Culture, 21(3), 297-315. doi: 10.1080/0966369X.2013.802674.

Hayhurst, L.M.C. & Giles, A.R. (2013). Private and moral authority, self-determination, and the ‘domestic transfer objective:’ Foundations for understanding Sport for Development and Peace in Aboriginal communities in    Canada. Sociology of Sport Journal, 30, 504-519.

Hayhurst, L.M.C. (2013). Girls as the ‘new’ agents of social change? Exploring the ‘Girl Effect’ through Sport, Gender and Development programs in Uganda. Sociological Research Online (Special Issue: Modern Girlhoods), 18(2).

Darnell, S.C. & Hayhurst, L.M.C. (2012). Hegemony, resistance, postcolonialism, and Sport-for Development: A response to Lindsey & Grattan. International Journal of Sport Policy and Politics, 4(1), 111-124.

Hayhurst, L.M.C. (2011). Corporatising sport, gender and development: Postcolonial IR feminisms, transnational private governance and Global Corporate Social Engagement (GCSE). Third World Quarterly, 32(3), 531-549.

Darnell, S. C. & Hayhurst, L.M.C. (2011). Sport for Decolonization: Exploring a new praxis of sport for development. Progress in Development Studies, 11(3), 183-196.

Hayhurst, L.M.C., Wilson, B. & Frisby, W. (2011). Navigating neoliberal networks: Transnational Internet platforms in Sport for Development and Peace. International Review for the Sociology of Sport, 46(3), 315-329.

Hayhurst, L.M.C. & Frisby, W. (2010). Inevitable tensions: Swiss and Canadian sport for development NGO perspectives on partnerships with high perfor mance sport. European Sport Management Quarterly, 10(1), 75-96.

Hayhurst, L.M.C. (2009). The power to shape policy: Charting sport for development and peace policy discourses. International Journal of Sport Policy and Politics, 1(2), 203 – 227.

Wilson, B. & Hayhurst, L.M.C. (2009). Digital activism: Neoliberalism, the Internet, and sport for youth development. Sociology of Sport Journal, 26 (1), 155-181.

  • Runner-up for outstanding paper of the year (2009), North American Society for the Sociology of Sport Conference, San Diego, California, 2010


Hayhurst, L.M.C. (Editor), Kay, T (Editor), Chawansky, M (Editor) (2015). Beyond Sport for Development and Peace: Transnational Perspectives on Theory, Policy and Practice. London: Routledge.

Invited Book Chapters in Edited Collections

Thorpe, H., Hayhurst, L.M.C. & Chawansky, M. (Forthcoming). The Girl Effect and ‘Positive’ Representations of Sporting Girls of the Global South: Social Media Portrayals of Afghan Girls on Skateboards. In K. Toffoletti,, H. Thorpe, & J. Francombe-Webb (Eds.) New Sporting Femininities: Embodied Politics in Postfeminist Times.

Hayhurst, L.M.C., Sundstrom, L., & Waldman, D. (Forthcoming). Postcolonial Feminist International Relations Theory and Sport for Development. In J. Cauldwell, L. Mansfield, B. Wheaton and J. Watson, (Eds.), The Handbook of Feminisms in Sport, Leisure and Physical Education. London: Palgrave.

Forde, S., Waldman, D., Hayhurst, L.M.C., & Frisby, W. (In press). Sport, Social Change and Peace. In D. Andrews, M. Silk & H. Thorpe (Eds.), The Routledge Handbook of Physical Cultural Studies. London: Routledge.

Hayhurst, L.M.C., Giles, A.R. & Wright, J. (2015). The benefits and challenges of girl-focused Indigenous Sport for Development and Peace programs in Australia and Canada. In L.M.C. Hayhurst, T. Kay & M. Chawansky (Eds.), Beyond Sport for Development and Peace: Transnational perspectives on theory, policy and practice (pp. 111-127). London: Routledge.

Hayhurst, L.M.C., Millington, R., and Darnell, S.C. (2015). Sports Event Management: The Non-governmental Agency Perspective. In: Parent, M. and Chappelet, J.L. (Eds.), The Routledge handbook of sports event management: A stakeholder approach (pp. 397-416). London: Routledge,

Hayhurst, L.M.C. (2014). Using postcolonial feminism to investigate cultural difference and neoliberalism in Sport, Gender and Development programming in Uganda. In K. Young & C. Okada (Eds.), Research in the sociology of sport, 8, 45-65. New York: Emerald Press.

Darnell, S.C. and Hayhurst, L.M.C. (2014). De-colonising sport-for-development: Critical insights from post-colonial feminist theory. In Schulenkorf, N. and Adair, D. (Eds.,) Global Sport-for-Development: Critical perspectives (pp.33-61). Basingstoke: Palgrave MacMillan.

Hayhurst, L. M. C., MacNeill, M., & Frisby, W. (2011). A postcolonial feminist approach to gender, development and Edusport. In B. Houlihan & M. Green (Eds.), Handbook of sport development (pp. 353–367). London: Routledge

Hayhurst, L.M.C. & Kidd, B. (2011). Corporate social responsibility, sport and development. In M. Li, E. Macintosh & G. Bravo (Eds.) International sport management (pp. 345-357). Champaign: Human Kinetics


Service/Community Activities

Journal of Sport and Social Issues
Member, Editorial Board

Sociology of Sport Journal
Member, Editorial Board


Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada (SSHRC) Insight Grant (Principal Investigator) - 2016

SSHRC Insight Grant (co-investigator) - 2015

SSHRC Banting Postdoctoral Fellowship - 2013

SSHRC Postdoctoral Fellowship - 2011

Canadian Foundation for Innovation - John Evans Leadership Fund - 2018


Currently available to supervise graduate students: Yes

Currently taking on work-study students, Graduate Assistants or Volunteers: No

Available to supervise undergraduate thesis projects: Yes

Current Research

Lyndsay's current research focuses on two projects funded by Social Sciences and Humanities Research Canada (SSHRC) Insight Grants. 

First, she is a Principal Investigator (co-investigators are Brian Wilson, Brad Millington and Rob Vanwysenberghe), on a study titled Cycling Against Poverty? Researching a Sport for Development Movement and an ‘Object’ in/for Development (2016-2021). This project focuses on the use of non-human objects and technologies in sport for development and peace – in particular, the bicycle – as possible catalysts for development.

The second study, titled Natural Resource Development, Privatized Aid, Sport and Development: A Comparison of Canada and Australia (2015-2020, PI - Audrey Giles, co-investigators Steven Rynne and Tony Rossi) investigates how the politics of privatized aid provided by the extractives sector shapes domestic sport-focused health and development interventions that target Indigenous communities in Canada and Australia. 

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