Mary E Desrocher

Associate Professor

Clinical Developmental - Director of Clinical Training

Locations / Contact Info:

124 BSB
Keele Campus
Phone: 416 736 2100 Ext. 33111

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Faculty & School/Dept.

Faculty of Health - Department of Psychology


PhD - 1998
University of Toronto
Toronto, Canada


 Dr. Desrocher's training is in neuropsychological assessment and experimental neuropsychology.  Her current research explores autobiographical memory and executive function in normative populations.  Clinical populations of study include children and adolescents with diabetes, fetal alcohol syndrome, epilepsy, and head injuries.

Selected Publications

Salimpoor, V. & Desrocher, M. (2007). Measures of Executive Function Performance. Developmental Disabilities, 73 (5), 212-249.


McLean, L., Toner, B. Desrocher, M.E.., Jackson, J., & Stuckless, N. (2007) 

      Implications of Childhood Sexual Abuse and Complex Posttraumatic Stress Disorder

      for Adult Alexithymia: Examination of Source of Recruitment as a Variable.

      Journal of Child Sexual Abuse, 45 (1), 200-218..


Friedlander, L., & Desrocher, M.E. (2006). Neuroimaging Studies of Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder in Adults and Children. Clinical Psychology Review (26), 32-49. 


Currently available to supervise graduate students: No

Currently taking on work-study students, Graduate Assistants or Volunteers: No

Available to supervise undergraduate thesis projects: No

Current Research

Her research interests include Neuropsychology; Cognitive, behavioural and emotional functioning of children with diabetes and epilepsy.  Fetal alcohol spectrum disorders.