75-year-old soccer player has no plans to stop

At 75, John Ashwood still plays soccer once a week both winter (in a pick-up game at Glendon College) and summer (in an over-40s league), and strives to maintain his fitness to keep at it. . . . Joe Baker, a York University professor at the School of Kinesiology and Health Science, said Ashwood is probably among the minority of elder athletes. Despite the “explosion” in Masters-level sports, he said, boomers entering their graying years still tend to be couch potatoes. “Part of it is the negativity we see in media and commercials towards older people,” he said in the Toronto Star Nov. 5. “There’s a myth that they need to slow down.” Far from it, he said: “Use it or lose it.” Mobility – even just simply walking every day – is critical to long-term health outcomes, he said. Read full story.

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