Athletic Therapy FAQs

What are the requirements to earn an athletic therapy certificate?

Students must complete the pre-requisite courses (KINE 2495, 2011, 2031), the core KINE courses and the Athletic Therapy curricular courses.

What year do we have to be in to start the requirements for the certificate?

Students can apply to the Athletic Therapy Certificate Program in the winter term of their second year in the KINE program. Note the pre-requisites for applying. Find more information on the webpage about Admissions and Application

What can we do with the certificate in the future?

After completing the certificate, students are eligible to take the National certification exam through the Canadian Athletic Therapists Association (CATA). For more information, visit CATA Website - Education and Certification. After passing the exam, a wide variety of job opportunities are available (Careers in Athletic Therapy). Check out our alumni video to see where some of our graduates work (Video on Athletic Therapy Alumni).

I’m switching from another school. Am I eligible to apply?

Students transferring from another academic institution should can email the Kinesiology department (

What are the GPA requirements?

Applicants must have achieved a minimum cumulative grade point average of 5.00 (C+)

How many years is this program?

The certificate is a 3-year program.

Will I have to take the 5th year to complete the program since we can only apply in the second year?

Yes. The certificate program is a 3-year program. If you enter after your second year, it will take a total of 5 years to complete your KINE degree and the certificate.

If I do not get accepted after applying can I try again the following year?

Yes, you will create a new application if you wish to apply again.

Will prospective students be interviewed for the program?

Yes, there is a comprehensive interview that has individual and group components. Full details are provided to students who are selected for an interview.

How does placement work?

Students will have field placements with a York varsity sports team (York U Lions Varsity Website) and clinical placements at the York Sport Injury Clinic (York Sport Injury Clinic Webpage). Students have an opportunity in their 2nd or 3rd year of the program to have placements off-campus. These placements are connected to PKIN courses (HH/PKIN 0811 and 0812 – Practicum for Athletic Therapy I & II). Field placement house will depend on the sports team a student works with. Most varsity teams practice between the hours of 3 – 9 pm. Clinical placement shifts can be scheduled for your academic courses. The York Sports Injury Clinic is typically open from11am-7pm (subject to change based on availability and scheduling).

How many applicants will be accepted?

For the 2020/2021 academic year we will accept a maximum of 40 students.

Do some of the credits/courses that count towards the Athletic therapy program also count towards the KINE degree or do you need to take these courses on top of the KINE requirements?

The Athletic Therapy Curriculum counts towards your KINE degree. These courses are used as your KINE elective courses.

Are there any courses that should be taken specifically before or after being accepted into Athletic Therapy?

There are pre-requisite courses to apply to the program - Visit School of Kinesiology and Health Science - Admissions and Application. There are curricular courses for the certificate program - Visit Athletic Therapy Curriculum.

What is the purpose of the references?

The reference will provide information about your attributes. We have them to rate you on the following; leadership ability, communication, initiative, professionalism, time management & dedication.

What finalized GPA will be looked at considering interviews are given in March but courses end in April?

Before final acceptance letters are submitted, we will request and review the final grades for the winter term to ensure students meet the GPA requirements.

Would courses that have been re-taken be allowed and considered?


Do things such as withdrawn courses affect the chances of being accepted into the program?

No, if you meet the GPA requirements your application will be considered.