Academic and Practicum Course Outlines

DISCLAIMER: These course syllabi/outlines below are intended to give an idea of the course content, work load, requirements, evaluations, course textbook(s) (if applicable) and policies involved in the course. If enrolled in any undergraduate course, it is your responsibility to obtain the most recent syllabus from your course instructor or from your course website. Course syllabi/outlines posted below may not be the latest version available.


1000 - Level Courses

2000 - Level Courses

3000 - Level Courses

4000 - Level Courses

Archived Syllabi / Historical Course Outlines


Aquatic Courses - 0200 Level

Team Games/Sports Courses - 0300 Level

Individual and Dual Sports Courses - 0400 Level

Dance/Gymnastics Courses - 0500 Level

Track and Field Courses - 0600 Level

Emergency Care Courses - 0700 Level

Additional Courses (Electives) - 0800 Level