Course Registration Information

Kinesiology and Health Science (KINE and PKIN) Course Availability

Note: Student enrolment access dates and times are posted on the Current Students Web site.

Fall/Winter 2020-2021

Kinesiology and Health Science major students have priority enrolment to all KINE and PKIN courses until mid-August.

Starting August 17th, 2020, onward all KINE courses (except for KINE 1000, KINE 1020 and the PKIN courses) will open to non-Kinesiology and Health Science majors provided that: students meet the Honours Standing cGPA Requirement and that there is adequate space in the course.

KINE 1000 and KINE 1020 are reserved for KINE students only.
For the Fall/Winter 2020/2021 session, all PKIN courses will be reserved for KINE students only.

Honours Standing Grade Point Average Requirement
Year Level Credits Earned Minimum Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA)
1 0 – 23 earned credits 4.00 CGPA
2 24 – 53 earned credits 4.25 CGPA
3 54 – 83 earned credits 4.80 CGPA
4 84+ earned credits 5.00 CGPA

Non-Kinesiology and Health Science majors with a cGPA lower than the Honours Standing Progression Requirement will not be given permission to enrol in any KINE or PKIN courses.