Scholarships, Awards and Bursaries

KINE Awards and Scholarship Application Process & Deadlines

To apply for undergraduate Kinesiology and Health Science awards/scholarships/bursaries, students must complete both the online Fall/Winter Student Financial Profile (SFP), as well as the Co-curricular Information Form before the posted deadline in order for your application to be processed.

Entering Students - Application Deadline May 1, 2021

Continuing Students 2021-2022 - Application Deadline Oct 15, 2021

Bryce M. Taylor Memorial Scholarship

Ed Nowalkoski Award

Esther Handelsman Bursary

Dr. Charles Bull Athletic Therapy Scholarship

Lily D'Urzo Scholarship

May and George Flint Scholarship

Michael Smith Award

Physical Health and Education Canada (PHE Canada) Student Award (External)

R.F. Price Scholarship Fund

Robert Munro Menzies Award

Steve Dranitsaris Leadership Award

Sue Vail Leadership Award

Roger Kelton Academic Scholarship

Year 1 - Bryce M. Taylor Book Prize - No application required *

Year 2 - Frank Cosentino Book Prize - No application required *

Year 3 - Stuart G. Robbins Book Prize - No application required *

Year 4 - Norman Gledhill Book Prize - No application required *

School of Kinesiology & Health Science Honour Awards

School of Kinesiology and Health Science Honour Roll - No application required *

To recognize students who have distinguished themselves in the study of Kinesiology & Health Science, the Honour Roll is declared annually. Members must include full-time Kinesiology & Health Science major students who have:

completed a minimum of 6 academic credits in Kinesiology & Health Science;
a cumulative grade point average of B or higher;
a grade point average of 7.5 or higher in Kinesiology & Health Science academic courses; and
completed a minimum of 2 practicum courses

Graduating Student Awards